KG Venture Partners was created for one simple reason, to help businesses of any scale reach their maximum potential.

How We Do It

We experiment with multiple techniques and use statistics to decide the optimal route for optimal growth. We have analyzed various tactics throughout the years to find what works best.

Keeping up with modern trends and styles, KG Venture Partners finds innovative ways to stay ahead of the curve to push businesses to the next level.

  • Create an individualized road map for success, indicating precise steps to reach goals.
  • Work with any budget to empower businesses of any scale.
  • Provide marketing, social media, and design tools to take your business to it's maximum potential.
  • Collaborative Communication, Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Why We Do It

The one size fits all tactic of larger marketing companies can leave businesses without reaching their highest potential for success. We appreciate working with our clients to empower them in taking steps to reflect their business in the best light possible.

KG Venture Partners wants to be just that--a partner, to work side by side with your business to ensure you are on the path to success. We believe that every company deserves the chance to reach greatness through research, statistics, and strategic planning.

Who We Are

KG Venture Partners was created by the father and son team Desi and David Kraus, two self starters that through years of experience working closely with a multitude of different companies in a wide variety of industries, fine tuned what it takes to take businesses to the next level through strategic marketing, modern designs, and statistics.

After learning what works and what doesn't work, we want to use what we learned to help others. We understand that not everyone has the large budget of some companies but that does not mean that you should not have the tools available to you for success and that is what we provide. In simpler words, we want to help our fellow entrepreneurs businessmen and businesswomen succeed, we want to create more jobs for others and to ultimately make a lasting positive impact, plain and simple.

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